About Us

Robert Harrell Incorporated is a 100% Texas-based, SEC-Registered Adviser with a spotless ADV. We have a sterling reputation and are well-known for a high degree of stewardship and creativity.

Our founder and CEO, Robert Harrell, is a pioneer in the pension consulting community, having helped shape its evolution for over 50 years. Mr. Harrell founded Robert Harrell Incorporated in 1991. Sandra Larsen Harrell is the President and COO.

Robert Harrell Incorporated serves 31 institutional clients, mostly in Texas. The portfolios range in size and variety from an $18MM public plan in the Panhandle to a trust department with $29BB in assets.

We are here to make the complicated world of investing easily understood by the Trustees. We believe that providing our clients with simple and efficient reports leads to better and more timely decision-making. Our customized reporting gets to the heart of the decision data needed by our clients.

Robert Harrell Incorporated focuses on what has worked for us and our clients for 29 years. We base our recommendations on objective and quantifiable analysis. Our highly responsive and flexible reporting is designed to isolate factors that drive returns.

We do not try to be everything to everyone. Our clients typically rely on alternative advisers to handle their non-traditional (PE/HF) investments.

Robert Harrell Incorporated is family-owned and HUB-Certified. We have modest overhead and modest fees.

Factor Analysis Methodology

Our research and reporting are designed to isolate alpha and to identify the factors that drive an investment manager’s return.

  • A traditional manager’s return can be broken down into the factors that are driving his/her performance. These factors can be quantified.
  • A manager’s ability to select stocks and produce an Active Return net of his/her Active Fee is Alpha. Once calculated, ranking the Alpha produced against narrow peers, will indicate a manager’s relative strength.
  • Carefully peer grouping these managers quarterly using this consistent method is the cornerstone of our analysis. Robert Harrell was an early adopter of this multi-factor method in 1994. In 2013, Eugene Fama, who co-authored the first white papers on the subject, received the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences.