• "A Fiduciary—rooted in the Latin words 'fides' (faith) and 'fiducia' (trust)—must act prudently, disclose all relevant information, eliminate as many conflicts of interest as possible and disclose any that remain."


    From “Advisers Who Call Themselves Fiduciaries May Not Live Up to It," by Jason Zweig, in The Wall Street Journal, Feb. 2017.



Robert Harrell Incorporated (RHI) is, and always has been, an independent fiduciary with no conflicts of interest. We have no affiliation with insurance companies, broker/dealers, actuarial firms, accounting firms, custodian organizations, or investment management organizations. We do not accept fees or commissions from investment managers, nor do we charge them to be included in our database. This independence allows us to provide our clients with unbiased evaluations and analyses.


In today's marketplace, objective advice is hard to find. Our independence and conflict-free environment enable us to achieve and maintain our high standard of objectivity. Our unbiased approach is the lifeblood of our consulting work and the reason for our low client turnover.


The investment tools utilized by RHI are proprietary to our research group and based on the latest findings coming from the academic community. All analyses are objective, so the client can be assured that the investment advice we render is truly unique in both its presentation and the insight it provides. We do not wholesale any of our advice to outside firms or investment management organizations. Our clients are the sole beneficiaries of our research and the sole source of our revenue.