Data Reconciler

The simple way to compare and reconcile data.

DataRECONCILER™ is a powerful online data reconciliation tool that compares two sets of data.  If you spend hours or days a month reconciling different versions of data, DataRECONCILER will reduce this time tremendously.  It supports data in Microsoft Excel and Comma Separated Value (CSV) file formats that are common export formats for most database and accounting systems.   You can use DataRECONCILER for more than reconciliations; you can compare any two sets of numbers and or text.  For example compare trial balances from different periods, or payroll data from different months, or two versions of budget files for their differences, or even two different contact lists.

Typical Uses of DataRECONCILER Include:

• To reconcile external records to internal records, such as bank statements to cash book transactions, or determine which checks and deposits are still outstanding.

• To reconcile two accounts that represents the same information, such as inter-company accounts or branch office control accounts.

• To migrate data from an old system to a newer system.

• To interface between two different systems, such as your CRM and your order entry system, Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes.

• To compare an earlier set of accounting data to a newer set of data, like closing balances to opening balances.

• Comparing vendor shipping records to internal receiving logs.

• Identify and flag large variations in the market value of individual stocks or mutual funds in a portfolio.

• Compare sales pipeline data from different periods for lost sales reporting.


Easy to Use

DataRECONCILER requires no downloads or installation of software on your computer.  We provide a secure web hosted software application for file comparisons.   The process is easy. Once you’ve subscribed to the service and created your user ID and password, simply log on to our website, select the files on your computer and upload them to our hosted reconciliation engine.  Then use the configuration wizard to select the parameters from which to do the comparison and DataRECONCILER does the work and provides you back the results.  Your data is safe and secure during the entire process.  All communication between your PC and the application is encrypted* by utilizing a secure 128 bit SSL Internet protocol.  This security covers all site navigation and file uploads and downloads. Our standard subscription service does not include retention of any of your data.  Once your data has been reconciled and you download the results back to your computer it is erased from our server at that point.  Only your comparison parameters (configurations) are saved for future reconciliations.  We do offer a data storage feature where you can save your files as well as your comparison parameters on EMA Softech’s server.

DataRECONCILER Feature List

Maximum number of rows per list 65,000
Maximum number of columns 255
Maximum number of usable characters per cell 255
Reconciled value precision Unlimited
Value reconciliation Yes
Multiple matching rules Yes
Create custom mapping table between dissimilar elements Yes
Save rules and layouts of source files Yes
Number of columns or data items to match in a single rule Unlimited
Define up to 5 independent matching rules at each reconciliation stage Yes
Variable tolerance Yes
Equals match Yes
Text-to-text Yes
Number-to-number Yes
Text-to-number Yes
Case-insensitive Yes
Tolerant of leading and trailing white space characters Yes
Allows for customized stripping of leading and trailing characters Yes
Proximal date match Yes
Matches within set number of days (1 to unlimited) Yes
Search match Yes
Ability to add custom calculation fields for matching and reporting Yes
One-to-one Yes
One-to-many Yes
Many-to-many Yes
Group & sum Yes
Source list results labels Yes
Standard reports Yes
Customized reports Yes
Summary task reports Yes
Multiple report formats available (.xls, .pdf, .xml, .csv, .txt) Yes
Wizard user interface Yes
Upload entire Excel workbook / select spreadsheet (TAB) to use Yes
Saved configurations (comparison rules) Yes
Automatic header identification Yes
Automatic column layout and data type identification Yes
Flexible input file formats Yes
Web based – Internet application Yes
Web based / Hosted Application / SaaS Model (Software as a Service) Yes
Internal web server based application (private cloud) Yes / Optional
Reconciled data / reports stored on user PC Yes / Optional
Original source data and reconciled data stored on EMA Softech server Yes / Optional
Web browser support IE 6.0+; Firefox;
Google Chrome
Desktop application No
Calculation done on user PC No
Microsoft Excel plug-in No
Microsoft Office Macro Security configuration required No
CSV (comma separated value) format Yes
Support for Microsoft Excel 2007 Yes
Support for Microsoft Excel 2003 Yes
Support for any spreadsheet program output to .xls or .xlsx format Yes