About Us

RHI is 100% employee owned. The President and C.O.O., Sandra Larsen holds the majority position.  RHI is a HUB Certified Organization.

Each of these individuals brings a very unique skill set to our firm’s consulting offering.  The skill sets range from highly-trained operational research personnel and performance analysts to custom software development.  This allows RHI to uniquely customize and accommodate the investment analysis, monitoring, and reporting needs of our clients.

Robert L. Harrell was born in 1942. Mr. Harrell graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in
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Sandra Larsen Harrell was born in 1948. Mrs. Sandra Harrell attended Montana State University Billin
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William B. Harrell was born in 1973. Mr. Harrell graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in
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Scott Curran was born in 1979. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Texas A&M University,
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Charles B. Smith was born in 1975.  Mr. Smith graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas in 2
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David H. James, CFA, CMT was born in 1955.  Mr. James graduated with a Bachelor of Music degree fro
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Paul W. Dlabal, MD was born in 1949.  Dr. Dlabal received his M.D. from Johns Hopkins University in
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RHI and Empirical Modeling & Analytics, Inc (EMA Softech) have been partnering for over 22 years to meet the special needs of our clients related to technology and data aggregation. The RHI/EMA Softech relationship is not merely a consumer/vendor relationship. RHI does have an agreement with EMA Softech to ensure the interests of the organizations remain closely aligned.

This arrangement has allowed RHI to bring the technology, custom data aggregation and top academic minds to our client relationship as needed. It is a relationship in which each organization is truly operating within their respective fields of expertise, while closely integrated with each other. For example, the responsibility for custom technology resides with EMA Softech, and all investment-related compliance and recommendations are the responsibility of RHI. EMA Softech enables our firm to provide sophisticated solutions and rigorously examined information to our clients.

  • Charles Gabriel MBA
    EMA Softech President and Head of Research & Reporting

    As the President of EMA Softech, Mr. Gabriel oversees the entire operation. His background includes over 20 years of experience in the investment consulting industry. Additional, Mr. Gabriel was Head of Research at Robert Harrell Incorporated from 1991-1995. His primary focuses have been performance measurement and risk attribution, manager searches, and the coordination of new research with client needs. He earned his B.A. from the University of Texas at Austin and a M.S. in accounting and finance from the University of Texas at Dallas.
  • Steve Ellett CFA, CPA
    EMA Softech Research Analyst and Investment Manager Searches

    Mr. Ellett’s duties include manager searches, quantitative analysis on investment managers, derivative reporting including notional exposure and counter-party credit reporting.
  • Mark Krueger MBA
    EMA Softech Analyst and Mathematician

    Mr. Krueger’s duties include researching and developing the quantitative tools used for financial performance analysis.
  • Jerry Kelso MBA
    EMA Chief Technologist

    Mr. Kelso joined EMA in 2001 as the primary technical manager focused on rapid custom software development and project analysis. Prior to joining the company, Mr. Kelso worked at Bayer Diagnostics in field engineering and Lucent Technologies as an application developer. He has a B.S. in Electronics Engineering Technology from DeVry University and a Masters degree in Business Administration from the University of Texas, Dallas.
  • Beverly Shealy
    EMA Director of Network Security

    Ms. Shealy joined EMA in 2005 as a software developer. Prior to joining EMA, she worked for Sprint as a software engineer. She earned her B.S. in Computer Information Systems from DeVry University and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Dallas Baptist University. Recently, Ms. Shealy has focused on computer and network security. She has obtained her CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) and CPT (Certified Penetration Tester) certifications. Currently, she is working towards earning her GSSP (GIAC Secure Software Programmer) certification.
  • David Geddie
    EMA Technologist

    Mr. Geddie’s duties include software, hardware, and network systems analysis and support.