Technology Services

Many of the custom applications we develop include finance and statistical functionality, which require algorithmic, statistical and analytical programming skill sets.  We can rapidly develop software tools to meet the informational and operational requirements of our financial industry clients.

Do you have a need for a custom financial application or tool to improve your operational process? Contact us and let’s discuss your situation and how we might be of help to automate or improve your business the way we do for some of the largest financial institutions in the world.  The following software applications and tools may fill a requirement you have, or we can develop an application or tool for your specific needs.

The following are some of the custom software applications and tools that we have developed.

Investment Industry and Compliance Applications:

  • Investment Manager Fee Calculation and Reconciliation
  • Alternative Investment Accounting Market Value Calculation
  • On-line Investment Forecasting Application
  • Investment Waterfall Payment Calculations
  • Investment Analytics and Measurement Calculation Application
  • Investment Optimizer Application / Monetary Attribution Reporting
  • On-line Value at Risk Reporting (VaR)
  • On-line Delta / Notional Value Derivative Calculation Engine
  • Securities Compliance Verification (Distressed Security Identification and Reporting)
  • Securities Lending Reporting
  • Global Financial Market Intelligence Reporting (International Stock Exchange Trading and Tax Rules and Regulations by Country)
  • Asset Allocation and Derivatives Reporting
  • Marginal Risk Reporting
  • Domestic Equity Factor Risk Reporting
  • Domestic Fixed Income Factor Risk Reporting
  • Foreign Equity Factor Risk Reporting
  • Manager Score Cards
  • Up Down Beta Exposures

Accounting and Data Analysis:

  • 3rd Party Accounting Application Conversions
  • Accounting Audit Reports
  • Accounting and Performance Reconciliation with On-line Submission
  • Billing / Reporting System
  • Daily Bank Statement Monitoring
  • On-line Revenue Tracking

Data Manipulation Applications & Tools:

  • Microsoft Excel Conversion / Microsoft Excel Applications / CSV File Reconciliation
  • Microsoft Excel Rule Based File Scan Application
  • Microsoft Excel Desktop Automation Application
  • Microsoft Excel to .PDF Automation Application
  • Data Imports into 3rd Party Systems Such As:
    • Risk Metrics
    • APT
    • Blackrock
    • Axiom
    • Barra
    • Atlas